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Becoming a Shirlaws Business Coach

If you have successfully run a business and are looking to make a career out of enabling others to do the same, we’d love to hear from you.

Why become a Shirlaws coach?

  • Transform lives. You’re the one who will enable business owners to take back their life and get the reward they deserve from the investment they’ve made. There’s no better feeling.
  • We’re an extended family. You’ll support others and be generously supported.
  • Substance is everything. You’ll be delivering not just a solution but a sustainable system for growing businesses and building internal capability - in your own inimitable style.
  • Learning is part of our culture. We’re all on a journey. No one stagnates at Shirlaws. 

What we are looking for...

A commercially experienced, energetic, creative, entrepreneurial and self-driven individual with a demonstrable track record of excellence and achievement. 

You will be encouraged to develop completely open relationships both internally and externally and, as such, you will need to reflect our core values of open, honest and fair in everything that you do.

You will be passionate about the development of businesses and people, just like we are. 

Hear what our coaches have to say about being a Shirlaws Business Coach...


What we are offering...

Our business model offers considerable benefits to those who are wishing to develop a coaching business within the framework of an already successful global and national team. The company operates on a revenue-sharing basis eliminating the need for large start-up investment.

We are experiencing significant growth and are looking for experienced business people and coaches to coach business owners and management teams on business strategy, productivity enhancements and lifestyle improvement.

Stakeholder participation is available between 1 and 2 years after joining, subject to the attainment of realistic performance criteria.

The Training Programme

From the beginning Shirlaws has believed that our coaching skills, frameworks and dedication create results, so much so that we apply our principles to the business we are all closest to - our own.

This is most obvious in regards to the ongoing coach development Shirlaws delivers - just as coaching provides ongoing learning and development for our clients, our coaches are also expected to (and enjoy) the continuous development they are exposed to.

When a new coach joins Shirlaws they will bring a wealth of their own business experience. The purpose of our Coach Development Programme (CDP) is to introduce and educate coaches both about the advanced coaching techniques, and about the intellectual property and frameworks that Shirlaws uses to leverage their experience into client outcomes.

After their first year, all Shirlaws coaches are expected to continue to learn and develop and together we complete a minimum of 12 days of CDP training each year.

How to apply...

1. Send an email to our recruitment manager Lucia Kichenside with a brief explanation of your interest in Shirlaws and background.

2. Register to attend "Becoming a Shirlaws Busienss Coach" - A half day introduction to who we are and what we do.

3. After attending a Shirlaws introduction session if we feel it is a good fit both ways you will need to provide:

  • A professional CV 
  • A short and fairly informal Business Plan for you to verbally present to our UK Managing Director. This is to ensure that you have the abilities that our experience tells us you need to build a business coaching practice within Shirlaws.