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Shirlaws speakers

Bring inspirational insight on business growth to your event

Shirlaws coaches are experienced speakers and facilitators at events for entrepreneurs and business owners.

All have real world commercial experience as entrepreneurs and at least a thousand hours of coaching and growing businesses with their owners.

Five ‘specialist subjects’ Shirlaws coaches can speak on

Intellectual property – discover the rocket fuel in your business.

IP generates much higher revenue and value than the traditional ‘product only’ business. IP is your unique ‘know how’. Feeing trapped in your business? Identify and understand your IP, step outside your business, and discover the hidden possibilities for growth.

Positioning – your key focus.

Getting your customers and employees focused on what your business is all about is fundamental to your success. John will tell you how to define your market, service, product and price, and how you can map your business and your competitors’ to identify where you sit – and find industry gaps you could fill.

Three steps to creating a fully functional business.

By identifying the best organisational structure you can increase functionality and productivity, and free yourself up to work on the ‘strategic stuff’. We will share Shirlaws’ simple colour-coding system for plotting how your business spends its time, and how it needs to spend its time – enabling you to create the structure and workflows that will get you there.

Capacity planning – the secret to controlled profitable growth.

A business making efficient use of all its resources runs at around 80% capacity, yet most operate well below this, missing significant potential profit. Do you know the maximum capacity of your business, and its current rate? We will tell you how to measure capacity, and plan your business’s future in a series of ‘platform’ and ‘growth’ strategies.

Maximising the economic upturn – is your business plan right for recovery?

We'll will share Shirlaws’ expert perspective on what small and mid-sized businesses should be doing to maximise growth and profit within the current economic cycle, and sustain and boost the growth as recovery begins.

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