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Our Coaches

Our coaches have one thing in common. They love business. They love business people. They coach because it’s more fun than fun.

“It’s been enjoyable, and a lot of fun. The coaching’s given me more confidence and less stress. It’s always a lot of fun when Ed comes in, I never get bored. I get inspired.”
Alex Craster, CEO, Craster Woodworking

“The coaching is exceptionally simple and practical, not wooly ‘tell-me-how-you-feel’ coaching. I need people who can give me tools to make my business better, and that’s what I get from Shirlaws, really practical help.“
Roger Philby, Chemistry Recruitment

Becoming a Shirlaws coach takes determination. Many of our coaches have run and exited successful businesses themselves, and all have experienced senior and leadership roles. Some have built and sold 6 or 7 businesses in their time. They have sat where you sit. Entrepreneurial business is in their blood.

But that's not enough. We're not mentors. We're coaches. So every coach who joins trains with us on a rigorous 40-day development programme. Qualified coaches spend a further 12 days every year on personal and professional development. It’s a learning community.

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