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Leaders: will you get through the two brick walls to your vision?


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We believe every business owner deserves a business which rewards them in time, money and choice - exactly what they went into business for.

There are 14 key stages that each business needs to go through to get to advanced, sustainable growth - including two brick walls which many companies never break through.

More than 3,500 entrepreneurs have already used Shirlaws Stages to understand where they are today, and identify what they need to do to achieve their vision.

Find out where you are in the lifecycle - and what to do next. Complete Stages and:

  • download your personalised 15-page Shirlaws Stages action plan

  • find out the top three priorities for your business right now

  • map your journey through the Stages to reaching your vision of a business which yields time, money and choice.

Take the Stages test


What people say about Shirlaws books and reports

“I just wanted to thank you so much for sending me the Shirlaws e-book. Although it’s taken a while to get through, you will be delighted to know that it’s because I found it so useful that I read and re-read the same chapter twice, made notes and ensured I had thoroughly understood what was being said, before moving on.

“It did two things for me. Firstly encouraged me to realise that much of what I am already trying to do and believe in, is the right way of doing things - that’s a huge relief; as of late I have felt I am surrounded by mad people and I am the only sane one around!! Secondly, there were so many absolutely brilliant light bulb moments - I wished I could have taken a picture of myself reading these and sent them off to you for use on the front cover of this book!”

Helen Bennett, Managing Director, Better Together

“Finally one reference source pulling together Shirlaws IP, creating a blueprint for business success. Having worked with Shirlaws coaches we have seen our business development and focus expand and together we have defined a strategy to create a functional, sustainable organisation. Having this powerful information in one reference book, easily accessible affords us opportunity to regularly review, check progress, test and measure our achievements and implementation plans on our journey to successful growth. “

Stuart Williams, Director, Cowens

“I took time out this morning to read your book and I just wanted to say how clear, clever and helpful I found it and to thank you for providing it so generously.”

High Growth Business Owner

“If you were instrumental in me receiving yesterday’s Shirlaws mailing with the booklet entitled “More money more time less stress”, then thank you very much. I’m beginning to see the light about the Shirlaws message. I really rate the Why, What, How idea – very neat and thought-provoking (now that I have thought about it). I’ve printed out a diagram from the article to stick on my wall to remind me what I should be working on.”

High Growth Business Owner

“I have read your ebook (several times) and I think you may be able to help us quite significantly to achieve our business aims. I would therefore very much like to take you up on your offer of a cup of coffee and a chat.”

High Growth Business Owner