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The business owner’s guide to thriving, not just surviving, through the greatest depression of the past 100 years.

  • Compiled from the many articles we have written since February 2007, this eBook shares how businesses can thrive even through such a difficult period.
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"I took time out this morning to read your book and I just wanted to say how clear, clever and helpful I found it and to thank you for providing it so generously"

Hilary Cooke, Director Merlin Consultancy

"What a fantastic read. Really gets to the heart of what makes a successful business. A great read and lots of 'Of course it all makes sense' moments"

Charles Richards Global Lead. Sophos

“I just wanted to thank you so much for sending me the Shirlaws e-book. Although it’s taken a while to get through, you will be delighted to know that it’s because I found it so useful that I read and re-read the same chapter twice, made notes and ensured I had thoroughly understood what was being said, before moving on.

“It did two things for me. Firstly encouraged me to realise that much of what I am already trying to do and believe in, is the right way of doing things - that’s a huge relief; as of late I have felt I am surrounded by mad people and I am the only sane one around!! Secondly, there were so many absolutely brilliant light bulb moments - I wished I could have taken a picture of myself reading these and sent them off to you for use on the front cover of this book!”

Helen Bennett, Managing Director, Better Together