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What people say about Shirlaws Lexicon Clubs

Lionel Eales, MD, Display Manager Ltd

"I've enjoyed the Lexicon Management training programme this year. It's given me some very useful tools to manage the growth of the business and further develop the company over the coming years."


Drew Mellor, Director, AddVenture Group

"A fantastic opportunity to work with the truly excellent Shirlaws material alongside what will prove to be an invaluable peer network.

Taking that monthly investment in time to work on and not in the business already feels like the difference for us and Lexicon has made our future feel excitingly bright."


Bill Stringer, Managing Director, Green Shoots Growth Ltd

“The Lexicon programme has been of huge benefit, helping me transition the business to the next stage of growth. As well as the fantastic Shirlaws IP that is used throughout, the opportunity to share and discuss this with other participants has brought it to life. Also, the networking has resulted in a number of mutually beneficial opportunities to be developed.”


Paul Atkins, Operations Director, Thinking Space Systems Ltd

"Brilliant. The coaching material and the way it's delivered is fantastic, each subject is described in a way that can be instantly fed into your business and the results can be seen within a few weeks. It's changed the way we interact with our customers, suppliers, employees and ourselves. Be prepared to change!"


Yvonne Guerineau, HR Manager, Ingersoll Rand

"The club is the growth platform for ambitious professionals who want to develop themselves and their business or their career. The tools and learning I took away from the sessions have contributed to the focused approach with which I pursued my most recent promotion and continues to feature in my working life. The group setting for the club allows for a rare kind of peer coaching and for those who are willing and able to share honestly and openly the rewards are lasting friendships and working relationships built on the trust that follows naturally from a shared journey of discovery."


Nick Butt, Business Owner, Moores Cleaning

"I would highly recommend the Lexicon course as a great investment for any business. Your key team members will accelerate into the great business leaders that your always knew they were."


Sharon Parker, Head of Sales & Marketing, Community Clean

"The Lexicon programme provides and excellent opportunity to get away from the day to day demands of the business, with the time and space to learn and develop. The programme has given me the tools and confidence to implement some fundamental improvements in the business today and plan for an even better tomorrow."


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